Take Care of Your Hardwood Flooring

A well cared for hardwood floor can be beautiful and classic, whereas a dull, scuffed wood floor can bring down the look of a room. In addition to cleaning and repairing carpets, our friends at Elite Carpet Cleaning also provide professional wood cleaning and sealing. Needless to say they know a thing or two about keeping your wood floors in good condition and they want to share some tips with you on how you can do just that.


The first step in keeping your hardwood flooring clean is to keep it swept or vacuumed regularly. This is not only important to maintaining a clean appearance, but also in preventing scratches from appearing. If you favor vacuuming above sweeping, make sure to have the vacuum on a hard floor setting.


Mopping wood floors requires a bit more restraint than other hard floorings. For example, tile floors can withstand a decent amount of moisture when mopping. Wood floors, on the other hand, are quite sensitive to water and liquids. A damp, but not soaking wet mop, is ideal. Be careful to never leave standing water on your wood floors to avoid warping.

Monthly Maintenance 

In addition to your regular sweeping and mopping routine, you will want to mop your floors monthly with a hardwood specific cleaner. It’s important to use a cleaner that is specifically formulated for hardwood because other cleaners may be too harsh and strip your flooring of its protective coating. But a formula that is specific for hardwood will be tough enough to tackle dirt and grime while gentle enough to maintain your protective coating.

When to Refinish

As time wears on, your hardwood is bound to appear dull and lose its protective shine. That’s why it is important to have your hardwood floors refinished every four years. You can of course aim for a DIY route, but if you want the peace of mind that comes from a professional application, do not hesitate to call Elite Carpet Cleaning!

How to Get Rid of Ants

Ants are small but mighty. And their presence can make a big impact when you’re spending time in your yard. If ants are marring your landscaping and biting your legs, here are some tried and true ways you can evict them from your property.

Get to Know the Enemy

In order to eliminate the probability of ants returning, your best plan of action is to remove their ant hill base. Ants are numerous with colonies containing hundreds or even thousands of insects, and they are organized. And it all stems from their queen and their ant hill. That’s why simply repelling ants won’t solve your problem. They’ll just leave one way and come back another. You have to get to the root of the issue.

Methods for Removal

Boiling water: Method number one doesn’t require any special concoctions or ingredients. All you need is a pot of boiling water. Rake open the ant hill to expose it and allow for the water to carry all the way down. Ants can survive underwater for about 24 hours,  but the odds of them surviving scalding hot water is slim.

Homemade ant bait: Your next option is to create your own bait. To do this mix 3 tablespoons of sugar with boric acid. Boil that along with 2 cups of water in a saucepan. Place the finished product in an old sauce or yogurt container, making sure to punch holes in the lid. Place the container next to the ant hill so they can easily find it. Then, the boric acid will do the rest.

Vinegar: Vinegar is also effective at removing ant colonies. Simply mix equal parts water and vinegar, rake open the ant hill opening, and pour it down. Bear in mind that both boiling water and vinegar can kill vegetation, so be sure to be careful when using these liquids around landscaping.

Ants can deter you from wanting to spend time in your yard, and they can become a serious nuisance if they find their way inside your home. Use these simple tactics to stop them at the source.

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Are Home Inspections Always Worth It?

Home inspections come to mind most naturally when buying or selling a home. But in reality, home inspections are important to have done every 2-5 years. Here are a few reasons why whether you’re buying, selling, or staying put, a home inspection is always a smart idea.

It’ll Save You Money

Making small repairs as necessary is going to save you stress and money compared to waiting for disaster to strike. A home inspection will alert you to problem areas so that you can address them before they get out of hand.

Gauge the Health of Your Home

Having an honest inspector, like SHI, can prove invaluable when setting expectations for home maintenance. They will not only alert you to things that need immediate attention, but they will be upfront with you about the lifespan of all sorts of areas of your home. This way you can know what will need maintenance a few years down the road and what you can rest easy about so that you can plan accordingly.

Mold and Radon Protection

Mold and radon can have a largely negative impact on your health. Needless to say, those are things you never want in your home. The bad news is that both mold and radon are difficult to detect on your own. Mold hides in dark, unseen, moist environments, and radon is colorless, and odorless. That’s why enlisting the help of professionals to detect them is important.

Ultimately, your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. Properly maintaining it will ensure that your home is always a joy to live in and never becomes a burden. That’s why regardless of whether you’re moving or not, getting a home inspection every 2-5 years is important. And when that time comes, you want to hire a company you can trust to be thorough and honest with you. A company like our trusted friends over at Strouse Home Inspections.

Pros and Cons to DIY Carpet Cleaning

Most Denver area homes have at least some carpet. Which means most of us are faced with similar carpet struggles. Namely, how to keep it clean. Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning can go a long way in maintaining your carpet, but what about when it just needs more? If it’s too dingy for your liking or has been soiled more than normal, opting for a deeper clean may be needed. Can you get the same results as a professional cleaning on your own? What are the pros and cons of doing so? These questions will be answered by our friends at Elite Carpet Cleaning.


There are a couple of situations where utilizing a carpet cleaning machine on your own is ideal.

1: One being emergency situations. When a glass of wine is spilled or a pet has an accident, time is really critical. The longer a spot sits on your carpet, the deeper it stains and settles into the fibers. So if you own a small carpet cleaning machine, this is it’s time to shine. Being able to quickly tackle spills when they happen will save you the hassle of having a company come out just to treat one spot.

2: More thorough regular maintenance is another area where it pays off to have your own carpet cleaning machine. If your carpet gets a lot of foot traffic, you may want to clean it every couple of months to support its longevity, instead of the recommended every 12-18 months.


1: Whether you look to rent or buy a machine, the most common issue you’ll encounter is the capability of the machine. The fact is that the machines offered to homeowners are not professional quality. They cannot get the water as hot as professional machines and their suction components aren’t nearly as powerful.

2: Along with the machines themselves not being as powerful, the cleansers offered to the public are not as powerful. This is because household cleansers are made in a way that will not damage your carpet if not handled properly. Professional grade cleansers, on the other hand, are more effective and are used by persons who know how to apply them properly.

In conclusion, while owning or renting a carpet cleaner can be useful on occasion, it is still no substitute for a professional cleaning. As was mentioned, the good news is that it is only recommended to have your carpets professionally cleaned every 12-18 months. And when that time comes, be sure to reach out to Elite Carpet Cleaning for friendly and meticulous service.

How to Repair Water Damaged Drywall

Unfortunately, water damage happens. Hopefully you were able to catch the leak before it wrecked too much havoc, regardless you will likely be left with an amount of damaged drywall. If this is the situation you find yourself in, you should know that repairing the damaged drywall on your own is easier than you might expect. Our friends over at My Denver Painter are skilled at repairing drywall and are here today to explain the process to you.

Remove Sagging Drywall

Once you have stopped the active leak, it is important that you ventilate the area using a fan and allow everything to dry fully. After everything is dried, you can begin work assessing the damage. Sadly, drywall is very porous and usually when it is exposed to large amounts of water for prolonged periods of time, it cannot be salvaged. Using a drywall knife or box cutter, cut and remove any sagging, bubbling or warped drywall. Then, using drywall tape and putty, fill the spot with a fresh piece of drywall.

Remove Mold

When dealing with water damage, mold is always a potential factor. To make sure that mold does not grow in your home, you can wipe down the affected area with a mixture of water and bleach. Bleach is effective in killing growing mold as well as mold spores.

Cover Stains

Once you have followed the above steps, you can begin to cover the damaged area. Start by scraping away any loose or peeling paint surrounding the patch. Then, using sandpaper, create a smooth, flush surface. After that, you can wipe the area of debris with a damp towel. And finally, prime and paint the patch to match the ceiling or wall.

And that’s it! You can get patching kits that come with everything you need for the job as well which can make the whole thing easier. But if you have extensive damage or you do not have the time to complete this project on your own, My Denver Painter is here to help. They make sure to always respect your home and communicate so that the project runs smoothly, and they never leave until you are satisfied with the results.

Should You Use a Space Heater

If you are cold this Winter, then you might be inclined to buy a space heater. Many homeowners have space heaters to be able to warm up just one room instead of the whole house. This seems like a viable solution if you are wanting to save on cost. Here on our Home Improvement Blog, we will go into whether that really is true or not. We spoke personally with one of the team members at Copper Connection to find out the answer. They are a business of highly skilled electricians that deal with helping homeowners with an electrical need they may have, including why their electric bill is so high.

When we asked them about space heaters, they had something remarkably interesting to say about the matter. While we all think that heating one room would be cheaper than heating the whole house, they actually said no. That depending on how often and how long that you run the space heater for, it can be cheaper to just bump up the degrees on your thermostat than to have a space heater running.

They brought out that space heaters take a lot of power. So, if you are running it consistently or for long periods of time, you are essentially just increasing your electric bill by potentially a lot. The best option if you are cold is to just bump up the heat and wear a sweatshirt if you are still cold but want to save on cost.

If you still want to use a space heater then do not go with the cheapest one you can find. You want to make sure you do your research and find a space heater that will pull the least amount of power. There are space heaters that do not have fans on them which makes for a lower need of electricity. These are great when it comes to wanting to heat a room quickly while saving on electricity where you can.

Regardless of space heaters though, if you think that your electrical bill is higher than it should be, our friends at Copper Connection can help you find out why! They are great at finding the root of a problem and then fixing it so that you are safe and not paying for than you must. They also specialize in electrical services like putting in new lights and electrical panels. They are a family-owned business that services the Denver Metro Area.