Should You Use a Space Heater

If you are cold this Winter, then you might be inclined to buy a space heater. Many homeowners have space heaters to be able to warm up just one room instead of the whole house. This seems like a viable solution if you are wanting to save on cost. Here on our Home Improvement Blog, we will go into whether that really is true or not. We spoke personally with one of the team members at Copper Connection to find out the answer. They are a business of highly skilled electricians that deal with helping homeowners with an electrical need they may have, including why their electric bill is so high.

When we asked them about space heaters, they had something remarkably interesting to say about the matter. While we all think that heating one room would be cheaper than heating the whole house, they actually said no. That depending on how often and how long that you run the space heater for, it can be cheaper to just bump up the degrees on your thermostat than to have a space heater running.

They brought out that space heaters take a lot of power. So, if you are running it consistently or for long periods of time, you are essentially just increasing your electric bill by potentially a lot. The best option if you are cold is to just bump up the heat and wear a sweatshirt if you are still cold but want to save on cost.

If you still want to use a space heater then do not go with the cheapest one you can find. You want to make sure you do your research and find a space heater that will pull the least amount of power. There are space heaters that do not have fans on them which makes for a lower need of electricity. These are great when it comes to wanting to heat a room quickly while saving on electricity where you can.

Regardless of space heaters though, if you think that your electrical bill is higher than it should be, our friends at Copper Connection can help you find out why! They are great at finding the root of a problem and then fixing it so that you are safe and not paying for than you must. They also specialize in electrical services like putting in new lights and electrical panels. They are a family-owned business that services the Denver Metro Area.