Are Your Ready for 8K TV?

Screen Resolution Sizes, Compliments of Snowy Peak TV

You may have just purchased a new 4K flat screen TV and now 8K televisions are coming out later this year.  Does that mean your new TV is obsolete?  In talking to video production companies like Snowy Peak Entertainment and looking to experts like PC Magazine the answers is yes and no. 

4K technology is still so new that people were shocked to hear experts like PC Magazine senior analyst Will Greenwald say that 8K TVs would be entering the US market by October 2018 with Samsung’s Q900FN QLED 8K. Before that, big TV manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and Sony had only shown their future 8K technology at industry press conferences with nearly all of their limited sales being in the Asian market.

Just as 4K is quadruple the pixel count of 1080p, so 8K is the quadrupling of the number of pixels in 4K since the horizontal and vertical pixels are each doubled. This gives 8K TVs 16 times the pixel count of 1080p HD! The simple terms 4K and 8K are used to express the number of horizontal pixels, which are rounded to 4,000 and 8,000 respectively. In other words, the industry could have just as well used the term 2K instead of 1920 by 1080p since from 1080p HD to 4K UHD to 8K each resolution is double the horizontal pixels of the previous one.

In the United States as in most places, 4K has only recently become the standard resolution for TVs over 40 inches. Although 4K TVs and movies are now widely available, popular streaming and digital services like Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu are still offering most of their programming in 1080p resolution. On this account, many people still prefer native 1080p resolution to upconverting 1080p to a 4K television, especially since the difference in resolution is less noticeable on TVs less than 40 inches.

The change has been very gradual from SD to HD and from HD to UHD, not merely because of the initial costs of higher resolution TVs, but because of the equipment upgrades needed with each increase in resolution. Higher resolution requires upgrades in cables, computers, game consoles, video players, and streaming devices so that often some sectors of the industry are slowing down the overall change to higher resolution. Not only is this ongoing transition to 4K a reality for the average consumer, but also for professionals.

Industry professionals are still transitioning over to producing 4K content to match the growing consumer market. Snowy Peak, a video production company based in Denver, Colorado, has already had to upgrade their post-production equipment to deliver 4K quality. They have upgraded their network infrastructure and computers to double the storage capacity to make native 4K resolution possible. With the advent of 8K TVs, production companies will need to make even investments into future 8K technology.

Thankfully for 4K consumers and professionals, not only is 8K TV still in its infancy, but it will take years for 8K content to catch up to 8K TV availability just as 4K content is still catching up to 4K TVs. The price of 8K TVs will initially be very high for the average consumer like 4K TVs were, and along with needed upgrades in video devices and accessories, the 8K HDR or high dynamic range formatting of TV broadcasters has yet to be developed. The future of 8K TV and its superior quality to 4K is very promising, but for consumers and video production professionals the availability of 8K content is still a long way off. So is your brank new 4K television obsolete?  No because there is not really any thing you can watch right now in 8K.  Yes because there is one standard higher and only time will tell if that becomes the new standard for high quality entertainment.

DIY Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning can be a hassle but if you have kids and pets then you’ll likely being doing a lot of carpet cleaning throughout the life of your carpet. Professional carpet cleaners can be expensive and if your carpet is constantly getting spilled on and then you won’t be wanting to pay for someone to clean them all the time. There are many tips and tricks out there that will help you be able to save some money and make your carpet just as good. The biggest help is by taking preventive measures and then if something does happen, cleaning it the correct way.


Regular vacuuming preserves the life of your carpet. The longer you go without vacuuming the more impacted your carpet becomes with dirt, hair, dust and the like. These unwanted friends in your carpet are magnets for spills and stains. The more you vacuum the more agitated your carpet is causing the dust and dirt to settle less on it. To keep these nasty things out of your carpet for when a spill does happen, take the time to vacuum your carpet at least 2 times a week. This will help to prevent stains from getting embedded into your carpet.


Scotchgard is a preventative care that will help when spills happen. Scotchgard helps to protect your carpet from stains by forming a protective sealer. When applied it needs to be raked thoroughly into your carpet to disperse it all over and deep into the fibers. This protective layer prevents stains from becoming deep. It holds it at bay on a surface level for the stain to be easily cleaned up. This can be done once a year. When doing so make sure to follow all the instructions for the best results.

When All Else Fails

Now that you have taken preventative measures for your carpet, when a stain does happen it’s time to clean. There are certain steps that will produce the best results. Make sure that you test the cleaner on a small piece of carpet first. Then when cleaning it be sure that you use the least amount of cleaner possible and follow the cleaner instructions. Different stains will call for different cleaners. Don’t think that the all-purpose stain cleaner will be the best for every stain. This means that you’ll have to research. No matter what cleaner you use, be sure not to scrub the carpet because it will unravel the carpet strands.

Carpet cleaning can be tricky. It is possible to clean your carpet and keep it looking beautiful. The most effective way to keep stains out of your carpet is by taking preventative measures first. Then when a stain happens you’ll have half the battle already fought.

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Different Types of Interior Paint

There are quite a few different types of paint that you can use for the rooms in your house. There are six specific types you can use in your home-making it look like new.

Starting from the shiniest paint—gloss paint is used on interior walls. Many prefer to use it on woodwork because of the high shine. Because of the shine, this type of paint shows all the imperfections on the wall. With gloss paint you will need more than a single coat to get full coverage and a few hours between coats to let the paint fully dry. Using fans towards the walls will help speed up the drying process.

Semi-gloss paint is most commonly used on trim around the house. Semi-gloss is also often used in kitchen and bathroom walls. It’s apt in these settings because it is easy to clean with just soap and water. Semi-gloss is nice because it can achieve a satisfactory covering in a single coat. This type of sheen has less shine than the gloss paint but is still shiny.

Eggshell paint has a little less shine than the semi-gloss and is quite subtle. Because the shine is more subtle it doesn’t highlight the imperfections as much. Like the semi-gloss sheen, a single coat can be quite sufficient for your walls.

Satin paint is a beautiful sheen. It is not very shiny and is a low, soft sheen. A satin finish is wonderful for when you need to clean the walls regularly. Even though the satin paint is not shiny, it does show all the imperfections of your walls. Therefore, if your walls have many imperfections it is not recommended to use this type of sheen.

Matte Enamel is like matte (mentioned next) and is more durable than a matte finish. With matte enamel paint it is easy to clean and does not need to be retouched often. This paint is great for families with small children. It is popular for kitchens because of the need to wipe the walls from cooking marks and scuff marks.

Matte is the most common for interior walls. There is no shine in the matte. This type of paint is excellent for walls in the home and the ceilings. With matte, it takes more than one coat to get a solid color that the previous color does not show through in some areas. It also covers the imperfections on the walls well. Matte paint can be easily marked but most marks can be removed by a damp cloth. It does need to be retouched the most regularly of all the types of paint.

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Carpet or Tile For Your Home?

Tile and carpet are very popular now. The question many ask themselves is which is better to go with, especially in the long run. Take a look at this table to help make your decision:

  Carpet Tile
Lower Cost  ×
Easier Cleaning  ×
Durability  ×
Versatility  ×
Comfortable  ×
Insulator  ×

From the table above you can see tile has many more pro’s than carpet does. Let’s break down the table above a bit. Tile costs less than carpet does. When stains occur or a spill happens, it is easier to wipe up on tile than getting a stain out of carpet. Tile is lasts longer than carpet does and can go through more wear and tear before it needs to be replaced or updated.

A con of tile is when anything besides liquid is spilled, such as glass, it can break upon contact on the tile. Glass is harder to break on carpet.

With tile one can change the color or kind of tile in each room and it can still look good and fashionable for today. You cannot do this with carpet. Once you choose a carpet for a floor it usually goes through the whole floor.

A pro of carpet is the comfort of it. Carpet is very comfortable to walk on and lay on. Carpet also acts as an insulator, warming the house more in the cold months of the year. Tile, unless the warming tiles, is colder to walk on during these cold months.

Carpet and tile are just two flooring options to choose from. There are more flooring options to compare but carpet and tile are just two of the popular flooring options.

If or once you’ve chosen tile, it can easily be cleaned by a professional company to keep it looking as good as the day you got it. Or if a tile cracks or becomes loose a professional company can fix that tile at a fraction of the cost of redoing all your tile-saving you money! A good company to look at for all your tile cleaning and repairs is The Grout Medic!

Decorating a Fireplace Mantel

The fireplace is a natural focal point in any room and is an ideal place to decoratively enhance in order to really liven up the room’s atmosphere. In any room where there is a fireplace, people automatically tend to arrange furniture to focus on the fireplace. The natural beauty and deep seeded connection between humans and fire make the fireplace mantel a place to display a home’s most treasured, symbolic items. If you’re on a time or monetary budget, the fireplace mantle is a great way to make an incredible impact in a room quickly and inexpensively.

Keep items proportionate to the scale of the fireplace mantel

Choose items that compliment the proportions of the mantel. If your fireplace is small, add decorative tiles, stone, or bricks to increase the overall size and install a fireplace mantel to fit the new dimensions. Most stately and decorative fireplaces are between 8 and 10 feet in width and about 5 feet high. Installing the mantel, bricks, and tile is a simple project that most people can do themselves after just a small amount of research.

Choose items the define the unique qualities of your family

Because of the significance of a fireplace mantel in a room, choose treasured items in your home that represent your family history, goals, and ideals. This may mean an antique item passed down through the family, artifacts gathered from family travels, or something symbolic like a decorative compass to signify your family’s unwavering pursuit toward an ultimate goal.

Sowcase your pictures

Pictures are a natural choice for decorating fireplace mantels for both their visual appeal and significance. Don’t worry about size or dimensions when choosing pictures; instead choose those that represent your most cherished memories. You can bring importance and stature to the pictures on your fireplace mantle by matting your photos in large frames that compliment the room. Adding matting to your framed photos creates more of an artistic look and feel, suited for a fireplace mantel.

Vary sizes and heights

One of the most important overall concepts to consider when decorating a fireplace mantel is to choose items of varying heights, shapes and sizes. Try to keep somewhat of a balance in terms of height. Candles and candlesticks that accent the color of the room are a great way to add height to your fireplace mantel design. Plants can also be an excellent way to add depth, dimension, and natural lines. An oversized vase with a full arrangement of real or silk flowers and foliage can quickly add color, natural beauty, and height to your mantel.

Decorating a fireplace mantel or adding fullness around a bare fireplace with a mantel is a cost effective way to make an incredible impact in a room’s appearance. The natural stately significance of a fireplace mantle makes it an idea place to showcase your most important memories, traditions, beliefs, and the goals of your family.

Contemporary Style Corner Gas Fireplace

Corner gas fireplace

Corner fireplaces can be styled to fit exactly into the corner of your room and can occupy as much or as little space as you would want them to. If the fuel that will be used is gas instead of traditional fuels like wood, then the corner gas fireplace is the contemporary fireplace any modern home can think of in terms of décor and style as well as convenience and efficiency.

Contemporary style

Corner gas fireplaces are more contemporary in style. These fireplaces make use of gas fuels that do not require a conventional heath or foundation. They can be readily installed in any corner of the room. Direct vents that can be wall-mounted or let out through the roof are also used in this style. This means you do not need to have a chimney on the house as well. While a corner gas fireplace creates a warm ambience in the room, it also provides convenience in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

Things to keep in mind

While installing a corner gas fireplace, try and find easy solutions to the direct vents intallation. Also, corner gas fireplaces look very modern and stylish if they have a glass fireplace screen. You can style the fireplace to either fit into the corner wall or you could have a mantel over the fireplace depending upon the design and décor of your room. Since natural gas or propane, which are used in gas fireplaces, has an advantage over wood as a fuel that requires regular feeding, it is advisable to install a thermostat or a switch that can control the supply of gas to the fireplace.

Custom-built corner gas fireplace designs

Gas fireplace designs in a variety of models and styles are available with most fireplace and woodstoves stores. A corner gas fireplace that has a glass screen will give you a two-way view. This combined with a direct vent that takes the hot combustion gases out of the fireplace will make the room cozy and warm. Many fireplace-building companies have their designs on display at their stores or even on their websites. You can easily find one that fits your idea of a cozy corner at home.