How to Create an Ideal Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important places in the house. Here are my thoughts of planning the ideal kitchen. Here are my kitchen design tips I have learnt through experience over the last 20 years. Ideally there should be easy access between the kitchen and the doorstep or main entrance of the house.

This means easy delivery of your groceries and also easy disposal of garbage and waste.

Ideally the stove should be located as near as possible to the wide open air space or outdoors and yet within the confines of shelter from wind, rain and the sun.

This serves two purposes. Firstly when you fry oily food this allows the oil and grease vapour to escape into the open air instead of settling onto the walls of the kitchen cabinets. You have to spend much time cleaning these areas. Secondly, this will be a safety measure. In case of leaking gas from gas pipe or cylinders the cooking gas will be emitted to the outdoors rather than filling the whole home with gas and potentially killing everyone due to gas poisoning .

Consider placing the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator upon a concrete platform or base. This means that it will be easier to wash, mop or clean the kitchen floor without wetting and corroding the kitchen cabinets. It will also prevent the electrical appliances from being damage by water seeping in.

Next , there should not be spaces or gaps between the cabinet ,stove and sink and the floor. By removing the space this prevents cockroaches and other pest from residing in the dark corners.

Your kitchen should be water proof and use heavy duty and high grade materials so that it will not rot or break. This is especially so in the area surrounding the sink. Things can get easily corroded and spoil due to the water splashes and spilling from the sink. Do not used wood for your cabinets below the sink. If possible construct the area around the sink and stove using concrete or stone for the base and granite tiles for the surface for maximum durability.

I prefer a built in oven placed at work top level height so there is no need to bend over to look at the state of the cooking. It is also easier to place the meat in the oven and to take it out the cooked food.

Most importantly, there should always sufficient worktop space between the sink and the hob so that space can be used for food preparation.

You must plan the kitchen design carefully. Review and check everything before proceeding . If you intend to cover water pipes and sewage pipes during renovation, please inspect and check for leaking pipes and repair before proceeding to renovate . Otherwise water from the faulty pipes will spoil the kitchen cabinets.

Also consult your kitchen designer on the location of your electrical outlets . These should be located where the appliances will be positioned. For example, appliances such as your kettle, microwave oven, dish washer, oven, hob and hood, refrigerator and rice cooker. Before renovation, also take note of existing electrical sockets which needs to be relocated.

What Every Kitchen Needs

If you are just starting out or just want a well-stocked kitchen, there are many questions to be answered in what you need in your kitchen. When just starting out, you may only want some of the basics. If you have been cooking for quite a while, you may be interested in some of the new items available.

Everyone needs a good set of pots and pans. These include saucepans, Dutch ovens, stockpots, and skillets. Saucepans can be used for everything from warming soup to steaming rice. Dutch ovens are mainly used in the preparation of meats, stews and soups. Stockpots are simmering stocks for soups and are great for cooking pasta. If you are from the south, iron skillets are widely used for frying.

Cooks of all experience require a set of tools. Measuring cups are a must as are measuring spoons. Mixing bowls are necessary if you are going to be preparing a dish with multiple ingredients. Toaster, mixer (either hand held or a stand), and graters are other necessary tools. You will probably want a can opener. You may prefer the electric kind but you may want to get a manual one in case the electricity goes out. I have lost my electricity and wanted to open a can but only had an electric can opener. First thing I did was purchase manual can opener so I could eat! Don’t forget the slotted spoons, spatulas, and strainer.

You will definitely want some storage containers for your scrumptious leftovers. Plastic containers work great, but make sure they are microwavable.

Cutlery is something that all cooks need. A high quality set of knives will simplify your preparations. There are quite a variety of knives available. Paring knives are invaluable when peeling and cutting vegetables. Chef knives are used for many purposes. They can be used for chopping onion, mincing garlic and many other slicing duties.

If you don’t want to destroy your counter tops, I would suggest a nice cutting board.

There are many other tools that would be nice to have, but not necessary. A mini chopper is a great tool to have in the kitchen instead of having to manually chop everything. A vegetable steamer is another nice kitchen tool. You can steam anything from vegetables to rice in these steamers.

The most important thing not to forget in your kitchen is SOMEONE ELSE TO DO THE DISHES!

Bakers Racks Add Flair And Style To Your Kitchen

Many items a person can add to the kitchen are stylish and functional. Bakers racks fit this description nicely. This kitchen furniture has been seen in homes for decades and their popularity is increasing all the time. Bakers racks can be used for extra storage space and to brighten up a lonely corner. Uses for them seem endless.

Some are hand-painted with beautiful designs, including flowers. The detailed work on some bakers racks is one of many appealing features they have. Lovely curved frames and many have pine shelves with a charming finish to them. A bakers rack is one accessory in your kitchen that will be used quite frequently.

The space that bakers racks add to a kitchen is really amazing. One can store pots and pans, along with other kitchen utensils. Serveware, cookbooks and houseplants have been seen on many of them to. Need to store bottles of your favorite wine? No problem, many are made with wine holders in a convenient place.


Other features include:

—>roomy drawers for holding kitchen gadgets, etc.
—>extra space behind double doors
—>adjustable metal shelves
—>top cantilevered shelf
—>utility bar and hooks

Bakers racks also can be used for extra counter and food preparation space. For kitchen use or with many stylish features can be used in the dining area to. Many small homes and apartments can benefit with a bakers rack. Where space may be limited they are a welcome addition. Have kids in college living in the dorm? May be just what they need for more compact storage space.

Bakers racks for the kitchen and more really make sense. With many features, they have become a must have item. Online buying is easy with many descriptive pictures to help in selecting the right one