Contemporary Style Corner Gas Fireplace

Corner gas fireplace

Corner fireplaces can be styled to fit exactly into the corner of your room and can occupy as much or as little space as you would want them to. If the fuel that will be used is gas instead of traditional fuels like wood, then the corner gas fireplace is the contemporary fireplace any modern home can think of in terms of décor and style as well as convenience and efficiency.

Contemporary style

Corner gas fireplaces are more contemporary in style. These fireplaces make use of gas fuels that do not require a conventional heath or foundation. They can be readily installed in any corner of the room. Direct vents that can be wall-mounted or let out through the roof are also used in this style. This means you do not need to have a chimney on the house as well. While a corner gas fireplace creates a warm ambience in the room, it also provides convenience in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

Things to keep in mind

While installing a corner gas fireplace, try and find easy solutions to the direct vents intallation. Also, corner gas fireplaces look very modern and stylish if they have a glass fireplace screen. You can style the fireplace to either fit into the corner wall or you could have a mantel over the fireplace depending upon the design and décor of your room. Since natural gas or propane, which are used in gas fireplaces, has an advantage over wood as a fuel that requires regular feeding, it is advisable to install a thermostat or a switch that can control the supply of gas to the fireplace.

Custom-built corner gas fireplace designs

Gas fireplace designs in a variety of models and styles are available with most fireplace and woodstoves stores. A corner gas fireplace that has a glass screen will give you a two-way view. This combined with a direct vent that takes the hot combustion gases out of the fireplace will make the room cozy and warm. Many fireplace-building companies have their designs on display at their stores or even on their websites. You can easily find one that fits your idea of a cozy corner at home.

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